1.The preparation before applying hair extensions

A. Before applying hair extensions, you need to wash the hair thoroghly, wash out the dirt and the hair care products and keep the hair clean, and then blow the hair dry, especially the top of the hair, and comb the hair well.

B. If you want to color the hair or curling the hair, please do not let the tape hair extensions touch the caring products.

2. Caring methods after applying hair extensions

A. Styling by blowerm and please do not use the too hot grade, as general other accessories should not touch the hair extensions.( Or else it will affect the hair’s duration.)

B. When you wash the hair, the hair should be washed clean, and the time should be as short as possible, please do not use hot water.

C. Put the hair conditioner on the hair, and do not scrab with your fingers, and leave it alone for some time, and then wash with the water, and please wash from top to the end.

D. When you choose the hair care products, it should not contain too much oil or alcohol, for these substance can cause the color fading or even hair loss.

3. The general problems and solutions

A. The hair extension pieces would fall down

Reasons- the hair is wet or too much hair for each piece

Solution- Please re-apply according to the instructions

B. The feeling of too tight or scurf

Reasons- Applying hair extensions too close to the scalp or too tight

Solution- Please re-apply according to the instructions

C. Uncomfortable feelings

Reason- The scalp is not used to the hair extensions

Solutions-Do not scrab, if the uncomfortable feeling continues, please take it off immediately.

4. The problem for daily wearing

Before you go to bed, please keep the hair as ponytail, and go to bed after it completely dry Or else the hair would be tangled easily.