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What is ChocHair? ChocHair is a Professional Hair Beauty online store, a new hair brand from UniWigs. Focus on the African American Fashion Hairstyle.
Diversified Hairstyle Design
At ChocHair, we have a big variety of products. From fashion designed wigs to fabulous weaves and closures. We prime for versatility and we want to bring you the best. We also cooperate with hairstylists and designers to keep update our products, introduce the latest hair style.
High Quality Products
ChocHair only choose the Virgin Remy Human Hair and Remy Human Hair for our products, which can ensure the product quality from the beginning of raw materials.Not only the hair is a fundamental component of most ChocHair products, but also the craftsmanship, meticulous technicians and craftsmen are elaborately selected. Our high standard results in high quality array of soft, natural, durable and dedicated products line.
Our Business
Finding the right hair style with the right fit is crucial. Our trained customer service staff are available to assist you in selecting the perfect hair. Every day, hundreds of customers shop at our online store. Our success depends on our experience in this beauty industry. Our integrated supply system also ensures that our customers can always receive rapid deliveries wherever and whenever needed.
So if you are a women who pursue beautiful hair, don’t hesitate to visit our site.

2 Popular Lace Wigs For Winter

Winter is officially here, the dry air is a big challenge to your hair. If you are tired of trying different ways to add the moisture to your hair. Then a lace wig is a great option for you, because the lace wigs can serve as a great protective style against winter weather’s damaging effects. Today we are going to recommend you 2 popular winter lace wigs from ChocHair.
Bronde Wave Human Hair Lace Wig
The design of this lace wig came as Queen Beyonce’s classic hairstyle, it is made by 100% remy human hair, and we meticulously hand-tie every strand to our ultra-comfortable French Lace cap, providing you with all day comfort and versatility. The result delivers a glamorous appearance with natural movement that’s virtually undetectable.
Highlight Ombre Brown Human Hair Lace Wig

The Highlight Ombre Brown Human Hair Lace Wig is an edgy trend with a fun and fashion look. The hand-tied lace cap construction provides a natural appearance of the scalp allowing the hair to be parted effortlessly as desired. This method is virtually undetectable, giving the wig a natural movement similar to a real hair. The wig is designed to be worn in a variety of styles including an edgy high ponytail or updo.
So if you are annoyed by the hair dry, you can try these 2 lace wigs to protect your  hair in winter.

Top Celebrity High Ponytail Ideas in Summer

You must say this hairstyle is not very common, neither not traditional. Look at these celebrity hair. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s high ponytail hairstyle look elegant with a poof. Kim Kardashian’s black ponytail is a casual way to style your hair. Yes! This is the right time to be more creative with your ponytail ideas and do something that can direct everyone’s attentions towards your hairstyles.

Kim Kardashian ponytail

Kim Kardashian

Mila Kunis Celeb PonytaiL

Mila Kunis

Sarah Michelle high ponytail-hairstyle

Sarah Michelle

Emilia Clarke s pretty high ponytail

Emilia Clarke

Kat Graham’s High Ponytail

Kat Graham

Ciara high ponytai hairstyle


Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon

Sexy and romantic curls

Curly hair sexy romantic styling is very popular with the women’s favor. Robust in much of the big wave of hair, charming, tender and finely curly hair, wild and unrestrained explosion of curls. Matter which one curly hair design, can be let you beautiful; but also the different Hair color to bring the visual sense of beauty are different, with everyone appreciate the about it.









Retro popular star fell in love with braided hair style

Katie • Perry, black hair in the head decorated with a braided hair, playful, cute graceful to send legal systems worth having.


Diane Kruger comb the two side braid, very elegant and neatly compiled a good, filling the quiet temperament folded braided hair behind an ear.


Gold • Kardashian braided hair styling is very rare, so cute braided hair ladies immediately by age 5 years old!


Elle • Fanning, this side braided hair tail braids with a black hat, a kind of the British aristocracy daughter taste.


Kristen Bell (Kristen Bell) pigtail increase the rear hair braided combinations become so Aspect, this engendering expected to make men dizzy.


Whitney • Potter, this side braided hair the head upper half of the very loose, as if soon dispersed. The bottom touches hold tightly tied into a summary.


Scarlett Johnson to braid my hair up disk crowned queen in the head kind of feeling.


Miley Cyrus blond hair is many men’s dreams, sweet smile and with braided hair is particularly glamorous.


Diane Kruger looks like a modified braided hair, but it is run out of their brains, creating a natural with braided hair temperament, no traces of deliberate really a waste of effort.


Selena Gomez black beautiful black hair, braided hair is very delicate.


Kristen Stewart Fashion Modeling

In 2012, she was wearing a nude-colored lace Bra evening dress in sight, the slender legs vague reveals a sexy beautiful.


The neutral dress punk style dressed in black suits, a spirit capable full!


Strapless evening dress wearing a nude color to highlight the curve of the chest, the actress in the early twenties has a completed Tinting girl, silhouetted against the white skin exceptionally glamorous.


In late May 2012, enchanting and glamorous actress wearing a red low-cut evening dress, red evening dress Some Like It Hot, coupled with a low-cut design more sexy carried out in the end.


November 2012 to attend the film promotion activity, body glittering evening dress, high-slit design, walking vaguely bare white legs, and delicate skin is very attractive.


In March 2013, a bright little girl dressed in a navy blue shorts suit appears on the red carpet, feet with black pointed shoes increase altitude.


In May 2012, she was wearing a black lace evening dress walk in the green lawn perspective, this sexy evening dress is so cute and lively actress is a little more mature female temperament.


In November 2012, the body transparent texture shorts suit with candy-colored high heels, to contrast completely out of the young beautiful girl temperament!


In June 2010, the white irregular shoulder curve cut tight dress body tightly wrapped, graceful S-curve filling the mature woman’s charm!


In November 2012, the perspective effect of black lace pantsuit special treatment in the chest to prevent dew point must be in place, otherwise sexy clothing easily Happy Together!


In December 2012, a large flower pattern long sleeve dress with a full soft temperament, small smoked makeup is more suited to the temperament, slightly decadent beauty, blurred feelings gestures are distributed.


In December 2012, the actress was wearing a long black curls nude-colored lace with black evening dress splicing, highlighting the noble ladies Fan children, the interpretation of the nude-colored lace vividly.


November 2009, strapless evening dress skirt hem very dreamy, as if by a princess skirt is a favorite of many girls, as if by a sky of stars are generally shine refreshing.


In May 2012, black shorts suit on the red carpet, feet, high heels black, and the most personalized the soles white edge outline, the boyfriend of the neutral wind dress up play ground near perfect.


May 2012, wearing color stitching tight dress with white Roman sandals, a tropical style blowing hot body and a charming look captured the hearts of everyone.


In November 2012, filling the young girl’s romantic fluorescent green waist Puff skirt, cute hairstyle more occasion this beautiful evening dress.


In November 2012, the long section of shiny black evening dress becomes more dazzling actress! This gorgeous dress completely queen’s dress.


In November 2008, this playful white evening dress with red stitching oblique exquisitely neat! Very appropriate for girls to wear, creating a weird girl image.


Celebrity’s Changeable Hairstyles – Jennifer Lawrences

Celebrities are always changing their different hairstles for different activities or images. So as Jennifer Lawrences, who got perfect performace at Red Carpet in Oscars 2013. Today Uniwigs share with you her types of hairstyles, from long to short, from updo to half up. Which do you prefer?

Jennifer Lawrence updo in Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence updo in Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence updo

Jennifer Lawrence updo

Jennifer Lawrence braided updo

Jennifer Lawrence braided updo

Jennifer Lawrence half up hair

Jennifer Lawrence half up hair

Jennifer Lawrences wavy, blonde hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrences wavy, blonde hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence long straight hair

Jennifer Lawrence long straight hair

The resurgence of the classic 2013 brown hair strikes again

Romantic ice cream hair color, has clearly been recognized by the public, in this trend, brown hair warm resurgence, this used to be the the crowd most common hair color, but with the trends of the variety of fresh, brown the hair was no longer concerned about it again to show people that impeccable classic, understated elegance brown in the spring, will once again warm your fashion territory.

Emma Watson’s retro hairstyle, coupled with the low-key dark brown, not only a good echo with dark brown eyes with insight, a kind of mature elegant.


Has always been handsome grams, suddenly brown wavy curls show people, suddenly set off a wild frenzy of one original style.


Brown is no one dared to deny that it is a very wild color, painted on what look you are giving her what kind of hairstyle, brown hair always bring you the most comfortable feeling.


Hair towering tied at the back of the head, light-colored, with the perfect combination of dark and quite charming.


Side of the big wave a brown-bit basis, brown wavy hair is always the most classic combination of a pair.


Is a light and dark colors perfect combination, casual side of the reckless uninhibited.