What Not to Do With the Hair System of the Lace Wig?

  • Avoid daily and excessive shampooing.  Shampoo the lace wig to a maximum of two times a week only for frequent shampooing will harm the hair system.
  • You can always have a swim but constant swimming with exposure to chlorine will harm the hair system and make the hair look dull and hard.
  • Do not blow dry the hair system for this will make the hair system dry and brittle.

´╗┐Proper Scalp Preparation Step-by-Step Instructions

If your hair system of lace wig bond breaks a lot earlier than it is expected despite the use of strong adhesive and lace wig, then you must ensure that your scalp is properly cleaned first. Even if 1% of the adhesive residue lefts behind unknowingly on your head before attachment, it will prematurely weaken your bond.

You can do your usual activities with this lace wig on. Only avoid swimming or getting the lace wig wet with sweat for 24 hours after applying adhesives and tapes. If you have applied the adhesive/ tape as instructed by the manufacturer and us there is no reason why you cannot continue your normal everyday activities. Swim, run, Pilates, gym even swinging from the chandeliers is possible…if not unsafe.

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